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Mouseovers allow for additional text or images to display in popup box when the mouse is hovered over a section of text. In each of the mouseover codes below quotations are used to help determine where the mouseover text begins and ends. All single and double quotes to be displayed in the mouseover text should be prefixed by a backslash (ex. \' or \").

TIP Function

The tip function makes mouseovers much simpler than before by simply creating one preformatted tag to apply to any question text. Width is the only available parameter for the tip tag and can only be assigned as a pixel width - do NOT add a suffix to your width value (px, em), as it will break the script.

[TIP width="200" value="Enter mouseover text here"]Display Text[/TIP]

Full Javascript

Use the full javascript for greater flexibility. Although not as simple as the tip function, using this code is more customizable since it lets you change some parameters such as text color, width, or fade effects.

<span style="cursor: help; color: #336699; text-decoration: none;" 
onmouseover="javascript:Tip('Enter mouseover text here',WIDTH,40,FADEIN,400,FADEOUT,400,DELAY,750,OFFSETX,24);" 
onmouseout="javascript: UnTip();">Display Text</span>
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