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Getting Started (Panel)

A panel is essentially a database of respondents. Kinesis Panel Management™ allows for multiple panels within a single installation. It is not required but a panel may be linked to a Kinesis Community Portal, a front-facing website for respondents that provides a wide range of functionality, from automated password retrieval, display of available surveys, survey history, incentives, and points redemption, to mini-polls and blogs. Projects are created within a specific panel to manage the launch of a survey project that is programmed using Kinesis Survey or a third-party survey programming tool. Projects allow you to query the panel and schedule invitations and reminders to only a subset of the panelists.

Understanding Panel and Project Modes

Kinesis Panel is split between the two modes below:

Switching between the two modes can be done through the first menu option, either "My Panel" or "My Project".   

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