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Create Panel

Select Create New Panel from the My Panel menu to create a new panel. If you are using a new Panel installation, you will automatically be prompted to create a new Panel.

To create your panel, you will need to enter the following information under the Panel Properties tab:

  • Panel Name: A name for the panel for internal use.
  • Days to Track Activity: This will set the number of days to track panelist responses for projects and will be the time frame used for historical response and historical completion rate calculations. This setting can only be adjusted prior to launching projects with the panel.
  • Time to Run Activity Tracking: Set a time for your panel to calculate daily activity tracking such as response rates and completion statistics. Though your panel performance should not be affected by activity tracking processes, we typically recommend scheduling this for off-peak hours, so as not to fragment your daily activity reports.
  • Panel Support Email: An email address where all automatically generated Panel system messages will be sent. It is strongly recommended that this email be monitored regularly.
  • Domain Name: The domain for the Panel. This setting is typically only necessary when a client has multiple unassociated panels that are separated by custom domains. Important: this value MUST use the correct Panel domain for your installation to function!
  • Default Project/Campaign Points: This setting allows you to set default rewards for all projects within the Panel. These rewards can be customized on a per project basis in individual Project Settings.

In addition, you may also enable external third party integrations under the External Services tab. At present, Fulcrum integration can be enabled under this tab.

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