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Launching your Panel

Many new clients have the same question: What does my team need to do in order to get our panel up and running as quickly as possible? The guide below outlines the necessary steps you will need to take to get your panel launched in a timely manner.

1:  Kick-Off Process

1.1:  Introductions

The Kinesis kick-off process begins as soon as the survey license has been executed. This is typically a 30 minute call that covers:

  • introductions to Client Services and account manager
  • contract review
  • discussing your goals
  • explaining the training process

Once your team has met with Client Services, Kinesis will put together a plan based on your goals to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

1.2:  Installation and Domain Set-up

Client Services will request survey and panel installations to be set up and will send over login info to your team once ready. This takes approximately 24 hours.

All installs come with the use of a subdomain and domain ( This option is free. Any available subdomain may be used; inform your account manager as to what you prefer. The Kinesis team will implement the subdomain; no additional work need be done on your end.

If you do not wish to use, you have the option of using a custom domain. Domains may be purchased and managed by Kinesis or by your own IT team if preferred. Kinesis requires the use of SSL for all custom domains, and we highly recommend the use of wildcard SSLs as they work with all variations of a domain and its subdomains. This allows you to expand the number of panels and communities on the same domain without having to purchase additional SSL certificates. We recommend GoDaddy and Verisign.

If using a custom domain, you must fill out the CSR form. If Kinesis is purchasing the domain, once you complete the CSR form, we will purchase the domain and SSL and complete the installation. If you are purchasing your own domain and SSL, you will provide the CSR to your SSL vendor. Once the SSL has been generated, it must be sent to customer support. The Kinesis IT team will install the SSL and provide you with DNS info. You must update your DNS records to finalize the domain installation.

2:  Training

Training is conducted on an as-needed basis by client request. Some clients prefer to be trained immediately while others prefer to wait until after their panel is up and running. The training program consists of:

  • watching a one-hour basic training video available via the Kinesis knowledge base
  • Clients are asked to use panel and to set up and launch a project to themselves
  • one-on-one training sessions are set up as needed to cover various panel topics; sessions last no longer than 1 hour

Training is typically broken out into the following segments:

2.1:  Panel Setup - Part I

(30 mins)

This session is designed to provide an overview of how panel data is configured and managed. For best results, you should provide beforehand an example of the desired panelist fields (demographics, subpanel, classification, etc.). It covers:

  • General software layout
  • Data management
    • Database configuration
    • Data synchronization
    • URL pass-through
  • User control

2.2:  Panel Setup - Part II

(30 mins)

This session is designed to highlight setup and customization of several key panel attributes.

  • Copy customization
  • Panelist registration
  • Recruitment source tracking
  • Incentives

2.3:  Project Management

(45 mins)

This session will detail the project lifecycle and should be attended by those responsible for sampling, launching, surveys, and email campaign management.

  • Setup
  • Sampling/feasibility
  • Campaign management

2.4:  General Panel Management

(45 mins)

This session will cover panelist lookup, panel reporting, and panel feasibility checks. Project managers who will be launching invitations should attend both this session and the Project Management session.

  • Panelist support
  • Reporting and health
  • Business rules
  • Feasibility

2.5:  Community Admin

(45 mins)

This session is designed to cover the setup and configuration of community websites built for panels in Kineis Panel. If you are interested in building your own Community, a web designer should be present for best results. This session will cover:

  • General Management
  • Settings
  • Structure
  • Content

3:  Community Build

Before a panel can officially launch, a basic community must be set up. You have the option of building this yourself (in which case you will want training up front), or Kinesis can build it for you. The Community build includes the panelist-facing website as well as the registration and registration update surveys.

3.1:  Community Build Form

If Kinesis is building the Community, you must complete the Community Build Form. Kinesis will use the info provided in the form to build the site. You will have a chance to review and provide edits. Kinesis can typically complete a build in 4-5 business days and edits are completed in 1-2 days. However, it usually takes 2-4 weeks before the editing process is completed. This is dependent on your needs; the longer it takes to test and provide edits, the longer the build process takes.

If panel recruitment must begin immediately, your Community need only contain a few basic pages: a welcome page for both logged in / logged out panelists, a privacy policy, and terms and conditions. Pages can be added to the Community as needed after launch.

3.2:  Registration Survey

The registration survey is the form created to register new respondents for the panel. Ideally, it should be short and should only collect the most important information needed for contacting the respondent and pulling basic sample. A longer, more in-depth profiler can be sent to the panelist after registration. If Kinesis builds the registration survey, it is done as part of the Community build process and delivered at the same time as the Community.

3.3:  Registration Update Survey

The registration update survey is typically a copy of the registration survey, but does not have to be. It is a survey that is always available to the respondent so that they may update their information at any time.

3.4:  Profiler Survey(s)

You may opt to set up a longer, follow-up profile survey to field to panelists immediately after registration is complete. This is highly recommended as it keeps panelists engaged. Typically, clients build and launch this themselves, but Kinesis can also build and launch profilers if needed. Pricing will be based on the length and complexity of the profiler survey. Programming can be completed in 3-4 business days.

3.5:  Incentive Programs

Before launching, it is recommended to have an incentive plan in place, even if the program itself is not yet launched. You will want to include information about your panel's incentive program(s) on the community website and possibly within the registration survey as well. Kinesis can assist in setting up incentives to be available on the website if needed.

3.6:  Recruitment Sources

If building a panel from the ground up, you will want to have recruitment sources lined up before the launch. Kinesis Panel is able to track recruitment sources and provide basic reporting on recruitment source performance. Kinesis can assist in setting up recruitment sources if needed.

4:  Panel Migration

If you are migrating existing panels onto the Kinesis platform, you will need to decide whether or not you want to simply upload data into the panel or if you want to re-register panelists.

4.1:  Re-registering respondents

If you decide to re-register respondents, you or Kinesis will need to set up all items under Community Build. The last step will be to set up a survey invitation that invites panelists to the registration survey. This is done via the survey tool (not panel!). Kinesis will manage this as part of the community build if needed. The time it takes to re-register panelists is dependent on the size of the panel and the age of the email list provided. Typically, emails are parsed out slowly to ensure that the list will not result in blacklisting. Volume will be ramped up over the course of several days as needed.

4.2:  Uploading data files

If you do not wish to re-register panelists, you have the option of uploading panelist data into Kinesis Panel via the CSV importer. Kinesis usually manages this, but you have the option to do this yourself if desired.

  • Data points

Before any data can be imported, datapoints must exist in the datapoint manager. A registration survey is usually built and it's questions integrated with panel to complete this process. The registration survey is not required, but is recommended should you want to recruit additional panelists in the future. The registration survey will include datapoints for everything you would like to import from the existing panel as well as any other additional questions. These datapoints are integrated with panel and added to the datapoint manager. On occasion, Kinesis will build the datapoints directly in the panel's datapoint manager. This can be done during the 4-5 business days it takes to build the Community.

  • Data Import

Once you have approved the registration survey (assuming one is built), data can then be imported. The length of time this takes is dependent on the number of panelist records and how clean the data file is. On average, this process takes 3-5 business days and is started after the community build is completed.

5:  Average Timeline

Below is an average timeline of the panel on-boarding process. However, please keep in mind that this timeline varies wildly from client to client. While it is possible to be totally up and running in 4 weeks or sooner if your team has a lot of resources and a firm plan in place, it can also take up to an entire quarter if plans are still in flight or if resources are low. Kinesis will always do everything we can to ensure you meet or exceed your own internal deadlines and expectations.

  • Kick off process: 1 week after contract execution
  • Training: 1-3 months depending on client needs
  • Community Build: 4 weeks (average)
  • Panel Migration: 2 weeks (usually overlaps with Community Build)

6:  Check-off List

  • Do I want to use the free domain or install a custom domain?
  • If using, have a I provided my account manager with a subdomain?
  • If using a custom domain, have I filled out the CSR form?
  • If using a custom domain, have I provided Kinesis with the SSL certificate?
  • If using a custom domain, have I updated the DNS records with the information provided by the Kinesis IT team?
  • Have I scheduled training (if desired)?
  • Is the Community built?
  • If recruiting, do I have recruitment sources lined up?
  • Do I have an incentive program in place?
  • If migrating a panel without re-registering panelists, are the datapoints in the datapoint manager and do I have a clean CSV file to import from?
  • If migrating a panel and re-registering panelists or building a panel from scratch, is the registration survey programming completed and tested?
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