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Panelist Manager

This page covers the Panelist Manager. For specific information on methods for adding panelists, see the Adding Panelists article.

The Panelist Manager allows users to look up the individual history and primary information of individual panelists, update their records, change their incentives, and add panelist-specific notes. You can search for panelists by clicking the "Find" button. Single panelist can be manually added clicking the "Add new panelist" button.

Panelist activity
Allows the user to view the past partiacipation of this panelist.
Allows the user to make notes about correspondence or other matters with this panelist.
Allows the user to change the appropriate incentive for a panelist.

1:  Panelist Statuses

The following flags will be used to mark the following panelist statuses:

Invalid Email: The panelist's email address has bounced or is invalid.
Unsubscribed: The panelist is unsubscribed.
Blacklisted: The panelist has been marked as blacklisted.
Unconfirmed: The panelist has completed the registration survey but has not completed the double opt-in process.

NOTICE: Panelists with an invalid email address (Yellow), unconfirmed panelists (Purple) or panelists who are unsubscribed (Red) cannot be sent emails.

2:  Customize Columns

With Panel version 3.4 and newer, you can now customize the columns that appear in Panelist Manager so that you can more easily navigate to the data you want access to.

Note:You may toggle any of the listed panelist datapoints (including system fields) or metadata for viewing and sorting purposes within the Panalist Manager screen.

3:  Panelist Metadata

With Panel version 3.4 and newer, there is a Metadata tab that can be found when clicking on a panelist. These datapoints will frequently update as respondents continue to participate in surveys. Users of Panel also have the ability to export this data when desired as long as appropriate privileges are given.

Helpful Metadata Descriptions

First survey start time
Time of panelists first started survey
Last survey start time
Time of panelists last started survey
First survey invite time
Time of panelists first survey invitation
Last survey invite time
Time of panelists last survey invitation
Time unsubscribed
Time when panelist unsubscribed
Time blacklisted
Time when panelist was blacklisted
Time blacklist removed
Time when panelists blacklist status was removed
Time referred
Time when panelist was referred
First survey completed time
Time of panelists first completed survey
Last survey completed time
Time of panelists last completed survey
Last time points earned
Time when the panelist last earned points
Time last Q/P termed
Time when the panelist was last Q or P terminated
# Surveys invited
Number of invites
# Surveys started
Number of started surveys
# Surveys Q/P termed
Number of screened surveys
# Surveys completed
Number of completed surveys
# Surveys Q/P/C
Number of studies the panelist has ever started and finished
# Panelist referred
Number of referred panelists
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