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File Manager

The File Manager is used to upload files for use in your surveys, themes, or reporting portal. Commonly uploaded files include images, Flash applications, PDF files, HTML pages, and multimedia files such as audio and video files.

File Manager Layout and Functions

Select the Preview button to preview image files in the pane to the right of the File Manager. Select the Download and Save button to download a copy of a file in the File Manager. Select Delete to remove a previously uploaded file.

  • Filename is the name and extension of the file you've uploaded.
  • Filepath is the relative filepath of this file on your KinesisPanel install. This path format will be /files/Project ID/Filename. This path is necessary to reference the file within your survey or theme: for example, if your install domain is project ID is 115, and your file name is "testfile123", your file will be stored in
  • Filesize gives you the size of the uploaded file in KB or MB.
  • Modified shows you the timestamp for when this file was last uploaded.

Uploading Files

To upload a new file, select the "Upload Files" button at the top left of the screen. The uploader will open, allowing you to select or drag files from your local machine for uploading.

Click the "Start Upload" button and the uploaded files should be added to the File Manager. You may also upload files from the many WYSIWYG editors in KinesisPanel. Files uploaded via the WYSIWYG are visible in both the File Manager and the HTML editor.

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