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Category Manager

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The Category Manager allows you to tag or label your projects via categories and subcategories for sample management purposes.

Categories can be accessed and edited in both Panel and Project mode. To apply a category, click on the checkbox next to the category name in the left column. When checked the category will be selected to be assigned to the active panel or project. When you're finished, click on the "Save Changes" button. This will save the category associations. To edit or delete the applied category, click on the category or subcategory name in the "Select Categories" column. This will open up a window in which the information may be edited or deleted.

To add a subcategory to your panel or project, select the category you would like to associate the subcategory with from the "Subcategory of" pull down menu and type the name of the subcategory in the Name input. Once the subcategory of and the name are correct, click the "Add Subcategory >>" button to save the subcategory and to add it to the categories.

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