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Batch Update Rewards

1:  Batch Update Rewards

Batch update rewards allows for multiple panelist reward points to be modified at once.


Points to reward/deduct

  • Use points in the Paste List Here - Allows the user to add or subtract points per individual.
  • Specify points to reward - Allows the user to add or subtract the same number of points to all users.

Reward point amount

  • Will allow the user to input the number of points to add or subtract when "Specify points to reward" is selected.

Reward type

  • Will denote if points are to be added or subtracted.

Import type

  • Will denote if users are to be identified by their email address or by their identifier.

Add notes

  • Will allow the user to add notes for the transaction.

Paste list here

  • Where the user will paste a list of panelists to add or subtract points from. If you are using the Use points in the Paste List Here option, the identifier or email goes first followed by the points. (i.e., 200)

2:  Assigning Points per Survey

When creating new projects in Panel, you can specify reward points for completes, profile terms, and quota terms within the project properties. Note that these will be default point levels for the project; however, you can modify the default points within the campaign properties for each campaign launched for the project. This gives you an opportunity to experiment with or change points amounts as needed to impact response rates. 

3:  Specifying Default Project/Campaign Points

In your Panel properties you can define the default project/campaign points that you would like for all projects/campaigns. This number can be changed using the steps above.


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