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Recruitment Sources

The "Recruitment Sources" page is currently only available for surveys created within Kinesis Survey.

This feature allows you to add panel recruitment sources, to help track referrals and costs. Each added recruitment source will be given a sequential ID for referencing. When appending Recruitment sources can be defined for individual panelists when inserting them into the panel.

1:  Adding Sources

Click ADD NEW RECRUITMENT SOURCE to define a new source:

Here, you can enter a name and description for your new source, as well as set the cost per recruit and type of currency. The following currencies are currently available:

  • dollars (US)
  • euros (EU)
  • pesos (Mexico)
  • pounds (UK)
  • rubles (Russia)
  • yen (Japan)
  • yuan renminbi (China)

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click "SAVE" to add the source to your Source Manager. From there, you can click "Recruitment source stats" to display or download the percentage breakdowns and costs:

For more information on the "Recruitment Statistics" page and what fields can be tracked, click here.

2:  Recruitment Source Tracking via URL

A recruitment source can be appended to a Community Portal URL or directly on the access URL for a registration type survey by appending a predfined URL parameter set to the Recruitment source ID value.

2.1:  Community Portal URL

Parameter name: src


Source 1:
Source 2:

2.2:  Registration Survey URL

Parameter name: ks_src


Source 1:
Source 2:
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