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Update Panelist Statuses

This feature will allow you to update panelist completion statuses from a CSV or Excel™ file. This tool can only be used to assign or change a final status to a panelist for a specific project - it cannot be used to reset a panelist who has already completed a survey.

NOTE: Use this updater with care, as final statuses cannot be reversed via the interface once assigned. A change to a final status will assign the appropriate point reward to the respondent. We also strongly recommend that status updates not exceed 10,000 panelists per file, as the process can be resource-intensive and can lead to performance issues.

1:  File Selection

Select a CSV or Excel™ file to import. The imported file must consist of two columns with the first containing the Session String and the second column the Status Code. The Session String is a 16 character string that is normally found on invitation URLs:<SESSIONSTRING>

The session string is used to uniquely identify a single panelist and the project associated with the session and can be retrieved by selecting View Links from your Campaign Manager.

The assigned status code must be one of the following: 'completed', 'profile' or 'quota'. Once a panelist is updated to a final status, they will no longer receive reminder emails and will be unable to enter the survey with their invitation URL.

2:  Test Import

If this is set to "yes", the import will not modify any existing data, but will confirm that the update will work as expected.

3:  Maximum Errors

If this is set to anything other than "unlimited", the importer will abort the importing process once it encounters more than the specified amount of errors. In this case, none of the data will be changed. Notice: If the importer encounters a row that triggered a warning, that row is skipped. Warnings are not counted towards the errors and will not cause an import to fail.

4:  Upload

Pressing the Upload Button will initiate a background process. The status of the import can be seen in the process list. Once the import is complete and your panelists are updated, a report will be generated.

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