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Sample Manager

The Sample Manager allows you to import new sample for your panel, or work with existing sample queries created with the Query for Sample tool.


Query for new sample 
To create a new sample from the query tool
Import sample list 
To upload/import a list of identifiers or emails from specific panelists that you would like to create a sample from
New email campaign
To setup a new email campaign
Distribution manager
To go to the Distribution manager
Merge selected
To merge multiple samples into a common group for common distribution, splitting, and invitation send-out.
Delete selected
To delete samples that you no longer need
Exclude from selected
To exclude one sample from another sample to avoid overlap

Samples List

Within the Manager, click on the sample group you'd like to work with. This will bring up a context menu with additional options:

Edit details
Allows the user to edit the sample name and description.
Will delete the sample. This is only available for samples that have not been sent an invitation.
Will create a new sample that is a copy of the sample displayed.
Will allow the user to create new samples based on the answers of the panelists to various data points. See Distribution Manager for assistance with invitation weighting within the feature.
Will create new samples based on user specified split criteria.
View charts 
Will display statistics for the sample based on datapoint answers.
Append data / View appended data 
Will allow the user to append data to the sample which is used when they are invited.
Reserve this sample for one day.
Lift reservation 
Remove the lock restriction on the sample. This option is only available if the sample is currently reserved.

Sample list columns

Will allow the user to pick which samples will be used when various buttons are clicked.
The name of the sample displayed. Clicking the name will allow the user to edit the sample name and description. A lock icon in front of the sample name will indicate that this sample is currently reserved.
Sample size 
The number of panelists contained in the sample.
Historical response
The response average of panelists in the sample. It will display the historical response rate for the activity of the panelists in the sample as of the last time the panel activity processor was ran. If there was no activity as of the last run,Historical response will display "N/A".
The way the sample was created:
raw - This sample was made via the query tool or imported using the sample importer
split - Another sample was split to create the sample displayed
copied - This is a copy of another sample
merged - This sample was created by combining two or more samples
distributed - This was sample was created using the distribution tool
The date and time that the sample was created.
Created by 
The name of the user who originally created the sample.
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