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Import Sample (Panel)

This feature is used for importing lists from external sources. Import Sample can be accessed from both the Project Functions menu and from within the Sample Manager.

Sample name
The name of the sample that will be created for the list.
Describe sample
Will create the description for the created sample.
Import type
Will allow the user to chose between email addresses, panelist ids and identifiers to use as the panelist information when creating the sample.
Paste list here
This is where the list of panelists needs to be pasted. The import will read the import type (identifiers, email addresses, or PIDs) and use it to add the panelists to the sample. Each record should be placed on a new line in the list.
Uploading a file

Instead of pasting the list of panelists, you can also upload a file (CSV or XLSX) containing a single column of either panelist ids, email addresses, identifiers or session keys.

For example, you can format your stylesheet as follows:

Email Address (header not required)
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