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Export Panel Data

This menu item only appears when in the Panel Menu. To export data for a specific project, see the Export Project Data entry.

This allows users to export data based on specific export definitions including datapoints and/or system fields for the entire panel. To add a new datasource, select Add New Datasource and select the datapoints you would like to include. Once completed, the export file will be available for download in the Reports Repository.

Add New Datasource Interface

Export Options

Once you've selected your data, you can export to the following file types and options:

  • Excel™ Workbook
    • Decode Values - Shows text or choice numbers for categorical answers.
    • Export Labels Only - Exports only labels and disables question/choice texts.
  • CSV Data File
    • Use Comma as Delimiter - Generates a comma separated list.
    • Use Tab as Delimiter - Generates a space separated list.
    • Export Labels Only - Exports labels only and disables question/choice texts.
  • ASCII Fixed Width
    • Data file - Flat ASCII data file.
    • Codebook in Excel 2007 XLSX Format - ASCII codebook file for Excel.
    • Codebook in HTML Format - HTML codebook file.
  • SPSS™ Data File
    • Windows™ Latin (Windows-1252)
    • Windows™ Cyrillic (Windows-1251)
    • Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Triple-s™ files
    • XML Description File - Versions 1.2 and 2.0 available.
    • Fixed-Width File

Exporting a Subset of Panelists: Data Filtering Using Panel Queries

To export data for a subset of panelists, you will first need to create a query via the query tool. Save this query as a filter. Create your export and run it. You will be able to select both the file type and apply the query at the same time.

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