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Cross Tabulations (Panel)

This entry is for the Cross Tabs feature in Kinesis Panel. For Kinesis Survey tabs, see the Survey Cross Tabs and Advanced Cross Tabs entries.

Crosstabs are used to compare data based on panelist datapoints selected in relation to one another.

Once you are on the Cross Tabulation page you can select which configured crosstab you would like to manipulate or view. If you don’t have a configuration, you may create one by clicking on Add new configuration.

Next, you will need to name your report and select the Banner and Target questions that you would like to analyze. Banner questions will be displayed across the top of the crosstab table data and target questions will be displayed down the side of the crosstab table. You may also apply any predefined data filters and select which respondent statuses will be included.

Choose whether you would like to include cell counts, row percentages, column percentages, or indices. Indices compare cell column percentages to the total column percentage for that row. They will be bolded in red when the cell column percentage is higher than the total column percentage for that row, and bolded in black when the cell column percentage is lower than the total column percentage for that row. You may also choose to output to the screen or to export to single or multiple Excel sheets. If you choose to export the report, it will appear in the Report Repository for download.

Once you are finished, click on SAVE & GENERATE REPORT. Below is an example of a generated Crosstab report:

From this screen you can either Modify configuration which will allow you to change the above mentioned settings or select Back to Crosstabs to go back to the main Cross tabs page. On the main page, select the  icon next to your crosstab report to add it to a Reporting Portal.

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