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This feature is not designed to send invitations, reminders or project-specific inquiries to your panelists. For survey invitations or reminders, please see New Campaign in the Panel documentation under Panel Invitations.

The Newsletter feature allows you to send newsletters and other bulk/mass emails to your panelists without requiring a campaign or associated project. Panel Managers can provide their communities with progress reports, fundraiser or charity details, or release information on new Community features. Newsletters can also be sent to a targeted subset of your panel, and requires a filter and template to use. More info on this below.

1:  Creating a Newsletter

  • To use the Newsletter feature, you must first create the content to be emailed. Select Email Content Manager from the Panel Functions menu.

In the screenshot above, the Create Newsletter option is available at the top of the page. Once created, the Newsletter will be listed in your Email Content Manager, and will be selectable later when we send our emails.

  • Newsletters, unlike your standard survey invitations, do not require a placeholder for your survey link. Due to CAN SPAM Compliancy requirements, however, an opt-out link must be included in all email correspondence in Panel. Use the %OPTOUTLINK% placeholder to place your opt-out link in your template.
  • In addition to the opt-out link, newsletters allow you the option of including a 'View Online' placeholder, for panelists who may not be able to fully view the email in their clients or who would prefer to bookmark and view the contents later. Use the %ONLINELINK% placeholder to add a 'View On Web' link for your newsletter.

2:  Sending a Newsletter

  • To send a newsletter, select the Panelist Manager feature under Panel Functions. The Newsletter option will appear in the Export View menu.

  • Newsletter requires you to create a Data Filter so you can target the panelists you wish to email. Create a query using criteria for the panelists you wish to contact, and enable the Make Available as Filter property so it is available in the Panelist Manager filter selection. Since newsletters do not abide by standard Panel Business Rules and can be used on all panelists (including blacklisted, unsubscribed, etc.), you must provide a filter to use newsletters.

  • Once your filter is in place and Newsletter is selected, you will be provided with a summary screen and Email Content Manager options to choose from. Select your newsletter template and review your panelist count and filter selection. If everything appears correct, save and your newsletters will be sent.

3:  Viewing your Newsletter Statistics

  • To see the results of your Newsletter send, select Newsletter Statistics from the Data & Statistics menu. Each newsletter send will be listed, and provide you with a preview of the email content, and details on the selected launch, including successful sends, bounces, and deferred emails. Click 'View Statistics' for a pie chart and options to export successful or failed email sends.

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