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Recruitment Source Report


The Recruitment Source Report allows you to configure and download the current month-to-date recruitment report for your panel. Additionally, it provides access to any historic monthly recruitment reports. 

Viewing Reports 

Saved report configurations will be accessible from the Recruitment Source Report at any time.


Click "Download latest report" to download the current recruitment source report, which includes statistics from the beginning of the month until the current day. Or, if available, click the individual month buttons to download historic monthly reports.

Configuring Reports

Panel edit permission required.

To change the report configuration, click "Change configuration". This will summon the configuration screen, where you can modify the current report setup.

1: Datapoint selection

You can add up to 12 datapoints in any report. To add datapoints to your report configuration, first select a datapoint source from the drop-down menu:


Click any datapoint within the source to view its answer options in the "Available options" box. Then, select the desired answer option(s) and click the right arrow to move them to the "Included options" box:


2: Recruitment source selection

Use the drop-down menu to select whether you wish to include only recruitment sources that have been active within the report period (default) or if all recruitment sources should be included regardless of activity:


3: Category configuration

Use this to create up to 10 custom activity-based categories to be included in the report. Enter a descriptive name in the first column, select a participation status and set frequency limits:


Then click the "Apply" button on the right to confirm the selection. Likewise, you can click the "Delete" button on the right to remove a saved selection.

Changes made here will not take effect until the next report is generated and will not affect historic reports.

4: Saving the configuration

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click the "Update configuration" button at the bottom to save the report configuration. 

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