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Users and Privileges (Panel)

Users and Privileges allows you to provide viewing and work access privileges for administrators, project managers, end clients, and others.

To view details for any given individual with access, click on the "modify" link under their name. To delete users, click on the "Delete" link under their name. To add privileges for an individual, click on the "Add new account >>" button at the bottom of the screen. To determine which projects individuals should have access to, click on "Manage roles" at the bottom of the screen.

Add new user

This page allows users to create account details for users.

Username - The login or username for the user.

Email address - The user's email address.

Firstname - The user's first name.

Lastname - The user's last name.

Role - The user's role.

Time Zone - The time zone that the user is in.

Password - The password assigned to the user. Passwords must not be based on a dictionary word.

Password confirm - The confirmation of a user's password. Must match password.

IMPORTANT: If your install has System Integration functionality, it will be available as a role you can choose; however, remember that this role is for automation purposes only, and a user with this role CANNOT log in from a web browser.

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