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System Error Pages (Panel)

System Error Pages

Currently defined pages

This section contains default system error messages that respondents will see under certain circumstances. These messages will be shown as programmed for all projects, with error message notifications going to the individuals that you indicate. The messages include:

  • Unable to process your request: This message is presented only to administrative users.
  • Invalid incoming parameters (prepopulated data from a url, invalid session keys, invalid survey urls, etc.): Incoming parameters in the url exceed or do not otherwise match programmed parameters (e.g., a four-point radio question receives a parameter of 5).
  • Invalid URL parameters.
  • Not selected for participation: The individual was not included as part of a query (sample), and/or not included in a distribution, split, or invitation of that query (sample).

Error types displayed These graphics will let you know at a glance which set of error pages are being viewed.

Error page name - The title of the page in the browser.

Error type - The type of action that is associated with this error page (ie: opting out of the panel, starting a survey or finishing a survey).

Alert frequency - How often an email will be sent when an error of this type is found.

Email alert - What email address to send notification of this type of error to.

Page display type - The type of page that can be edited (Web or Mobile).

Mobile information pages and images: You may include img tags in HTML format that will be automatically converted to mobile markup suitable for the individual device accessing the survey. In addition, images are automatically scaled down if they don't fit to the target devices screen. This special image tag feature may only be used with PNG images. Image tags must precisely follow the following format:

  • <img src="files/SID/logo.png" alt="Name">
  • The SID (Survey ID) must be replaced with the survey ID number in which you stored the files; this ID is visible on the top of the screen on the information bar. Final image URL may then look like this:

<img src="/sv500/files/22/kinesis.png" alt="Kinesis">

  • You may also use line break tags to add additional formatting in the mobile surveys. Line break tag is.

Page Properties

Once you click on the edit button for a certain page you will be taken to the following screen which will allow you to configure system error display and notification in case there is an unexpected error.

Error page name - Give this error message page a name that means something to you.

When this error occurs send email to - Enter the email address of any individual that you would like to be notified in the event this system error occurs.

Alert frequency - Indicate how often the administrator should be notified that this problem exists.

Used on -Will indicate what sort of action will receive this error page. This will be limited to people who are opting out of the panel (optout), people who are attempting to take a survey (receiver) and people who are recording a completion status for a survey (termination).

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