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Authentication Error Log

The authentication error log collects all failed attempts to access a survey. The log is global and contains attempts from all surveys on the installation.

Clear log
Clears all messages from the log.
Can be used to quickly locate case numbers, look at repeating errors, find identifiers, etc. All search results will be displayed on one page. To clear the search results click, on the Clear Search button.
Case number
A case number is assigned to each failed attempt to access the survey. When a respondent contacts customer support, this case number can be referenced easily and the actual cause of the error can be troubleshooted based on the case number. When using the case number to search for an authentication error, the case number may be used without any prefixes (i.e., company-000123 can be shortened to 123).
If the survey ID in the URL was found to be invalid this will report as N/A, else this will refer to the survey id.
If a respondent identifier was captured, it will be displayed here.
Request URL
Contains the original parameters passed to the survey in the URL.
View or delete the error message.
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