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Project Dashboard

The project dashboard provides you with an overview of how campaigns are performing based on target close date, target incidence rates, and other information. It functions as a centralized facility to manage and oversee multiple Kinesis Panel projects and campaigns within projects. It reduces the number of clicks it takes to manage and oversee multiple projects fielding at the time. To access the dashboard, click the orange button at the top of the screen.

Use the filter to select the projects you would like to view.

Project information available include:

  • Red flags for projects that require attention
  • ID: the project ID
  • Project name: the project name as created in project properties
  • % completes: how close the project is to reaching the target number of complets
  • Target # of completes: completes needed to complete the project
  • Budget %: how close the project is to reaching the allowed number of points
  • Created: project creation date
  • Target close date: date by which the project must be closed
  • Time remaining: time remaining until the target close date
  • Status: whether the project is open or closed
  • Project manager: the project manager as specified in the project properties

Campaign information

  • Campaign name: the name of the campaign as created in the campaign properties
  • I: # of invited panelists
  • R: # of panelists who have responded to the invitation
  • RR: response rate
  • HRR: historical response rate for the sample
  • C: # of completes
  • SC: # of screened out respondents
  • D: # of dropouts
  • CR: completion rate
  • IR: incidence rate
  • TC: Target number of completes needed to complete the project
  • RPA: reward points awarded
  • RPB: reward points budget
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