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Latest Survey Release Notes

Survey 5.8.0

Last Updated: March 2018

Notice for Survey 5.8.0: Survey themes created prior to Survey 5.8.0 will REQUIRE updating, as several classes have been changed and removed to simplify the theming process. Please check with your account manager before scheduling an upgrade to ensure you have the resources to update your themes.


  • 03/13/18:
    • Added reCAPTCHA 2 support
  • New, highly customizable desktop and mobile themes
    • Mobile HTML template is now user editable
    • Separated structural CSS from user CSS
    • Easier theme creation with full documentation
    • Multiple pre-built color templates available
    • CSS-based Progress Bar (replaces image-based)
  • WML / XHTML modes for feature phones no longer supported due to incompatibilities with new question types, themes, and HTML5 markup
  • Single entry URL for all surveys using automatic mobile detection
  • Survey mode (desktop, mobile) can now be enforced via Survey Properties
  • Mobile support added for the following question types:
    • Slider Questions
    • Form Tables
    • File Upload
  • RTL Language Support now built into Language Manager
  • Added Mobile Testrun mode - test mobile version of survey without emulation
  • Simplified HTML GUI Editor to be more user friendly
  • As of September 2014, fully compliant WCAG and 508 HTML markup

Bug Fixes

  • 09/18/17:
    • Fixed issue with nested quotas not terminating
  • 05/08/17:
    • Fixed image and text for the crosstabs help file
  • 05/01/17:
    • Fixed incorrect quota counts when adding a quota to a live survey
    • Fixed compatibility issues with the Facebook Integration API
  • 04/10/17:
    • Fixed silent failure when batch-updating respondents in the UK environment
  • 03/13/17:
    • Fixed ASCII data source not saving spreadfield marker when importing configuration
  • 01/30/17:
    • Fixed ASCII data source displaying selected checkbox choices incorrectly
  • 01/23/17:
    • Fixed nested quotas failing to calculate when deleting nested quotas from a live survey
  • 11/14/16:
    • Fixed thumbnail generation for gif files
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