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Survey 5.5.7


This version will now only receive bug fixes. For new features, see Features 5.8.0.

  • Introduced Question Looping feature to Survey Editor(documentation in development)
  • Introduced Nested Quota & Full Upload/Download capabilities to Quota Manager(documentation in development)
  • New, simple and automated archiving/retrieval of retired surveys in Project Selection.
  • Security improvements - administrative/strict security mode with dual domain support.
  • Automatic filtering of bounced emails.
  • Lists now support Card Sort questions.
  • Questions, tables, and loops using the same list will all follow the same randomization.
  • Questions and tables referencing a list in the List Manager now correctly update when new choices are added.
  • New support for image-based Checkbox and Radio questions.
  • Added separate instructions field for all question types.
  • Added TrueSample meta data to Batch Update.
  • Fixed CSS checkhelper differences between radio and checkbox
  • Survey Importer now supports the 'Show Tick Marks' Slider Question property
  • Survey delta time and number of survey pages seen by respondent to drill down and raw data exporter
  • Support for mobile response choice headers.
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