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Survey 2012-2013

Fixes and Changes

  • Radio, Checkbox, and Pulldown questions now use onTouch events when in Mobile Mode.
  • Corrected bug where Other Specify or Selected Image would link to incorrect response option in Question Editor.
  • Fixed: Condition Editor interface did not load in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Fixed: Problem with copying Tables or Groups within Survey Editor when pagination > 1.
  • TinyMCE browser would show an error when attempting to view uploaded image thumbnails from the HTML editor. This has been resolved.
  • The Cancel button in My Account now behaves correctly when clicked.
  • Copying surveys created before 5.5.7 will not longer result in the Survey Properties settings shifting. 
  • Resolved issue where web server and DB server time discrepancy could affect question display order.
  • Users without Edit permissions will now see the correct message when selecting Logical Data Filters menu item.
  • Fixed: Recurring issue with Template Creation popup appearing outside of visible screen resolution in Survey Editor.
  • The Print Survey feature now prints conditional statements for Matrix Tables.
  • Fixed: Some Data Filters would result in blank reports being generated in Reporting Portals.
  • Fixed: List Manager changes, in some cases, would not add or remove elements from questions previously programmed with a list. 
  • Fixed: In Template Creator, entering an identical template category without using dropdown would create duplicate of that category.
  • Fixed: HTML Ranges could span across page breaks.
  • Sumup Input in Matrix Tables is no longer editable. Sumup now re-executes when validation or screen refresh occurs.
  • ViewProtect® images can now be downloaded.
  • Fixed: Advanced Crosstabs displays incorrect datapoints when some data columns are suppressed.
  • Corrected several WYSIWYG (GUI editor) errors caused by stripping of unsupported HTML elements. 
  • Fixed: non-admin users required Create Survey permissions to access Survey Editor.
  • Replaced incorrect Data Weighting graphics and updated help file.
  • Fixed: long radio/checkbox questions would occasionally not render fully in Question Editor.
  • Fixed: Template creation not appearing when Survey Editor screen contains 100+ datapoints.
  • Fixed: Conditionals would error when referencing target question. Issue also fixed in Default Answer logic.
  • Fixed: Copying Question Groups with nested subgroups could result in parent group conditionals failing.
  • Fixed: Quotas with long names could copy incorrectly in the Quota Manager.
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