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Panel 4.5.1


Release Date March 5th, 2014

  • Made completion and response rates calculations and naming conventions consistent across the application (UserVoice)
  • Fulcrum integration
    • Changed URL parameters so that it is possible to cross reference panelist records in Fulcrum back to Kinesis Panel (UserVoice)
      • Panelist identifier is now exposed to Fulcrum thru MID parameter
      • Added mandatory KID parameter that now contains user’s session information (UserVoice)
    • Replaced 30, 60 and 90 day reporting to fixed monthly filters in Fulcrum Exchange statistics (UserVoice)
    • Made Fulcrum Exchange charts easier to read
    • Added support for international HHI (House Hold Income) standard question
    • Updated all Fulcrum standard questions with spaces to a new format required by Federated
    • Made Fulcrum survey number and name visible in the campaign manager (UserVoice)
    • Added Supplier ID to Fulcrum set-up
  • APIs
    • Added ability to get all categories (UserVoice)
    • Added ability to set the category when creating projects (UserVoice)
    • Added ability to set panelist contact preferences (UserVoice)
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