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FocusVision Knowledge Base

Panel 4.4.0


Release Date September 16, 2013

  • Fulcrum integration
    • Field and send targeted sample to OfferWall projects (open surveys to send sample to)
    • Field and send targeted sample to Allocations (sample requests from buyers)
    • Select projects directly from the Kinesis Panel UI without having to login to Fulcrum
    • Send untargeted sample into Fulcrum
    • Automated sampling to target Fulcrum qualifications and quotas
    • Fulcrum samples can be automatically obtained to
      • Target qualifications or subset of qualifications
      • Target using qualification and quotas
      • Target manually
    • Automatically ignore qualifications that are not supported / or mapped
    • Create top off samples easily by adjusting values in the quota cells
    • Enhanced campaign reporting for Fulcrum projects
    • Support for additional standard questions for better compatibility
    • US panels can take advantage of auto generated DMA / State / Region values
  • Re-enabled Automatic Campaign reminders
  • Campaign manager usability improvements
  • Community API improvements
    • Added support for QuickPolls
    • Added pagination support for multiple existing methods
    • Added support for returning available surveys based on the category assigned
    • Other new methods available
    • See the API documentation for the details
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