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FocusVision Knowledge Base

Panel 4.2.0


Limited & Full Release - May/June 2013

  • Fulcrum Integration
    • Targeted & Untargeted sample available
    • New Campaign type for Fulcrum-integrated projects
    • Second Chance via Fulcrum router for profiled/terminated statuses in campaigns
    • Intuitive Fulcrum project selection
    • Improved standard campaign reporting to include metrics on Fulcrum Second Chance
    • Incorporated cross internal campaign reporting into all Fulcrum-enabled projects
  • Age ranges can now be defined within Crosstabs
  • Customized column selections are now retained upon subsequent logins
  • Added configurable datapoints to the panelist "redemption approval" screen
  • Sessionkey data now available in campaign and Project Statistics export options
  • Bulk Emailer feature added to Panelist Manager - used to send non project-related communications to panelists
  • Excel export files and reports now use Microsoft Office 2007 format/extensions
  • Panelists can now set contact frequency preferences, which are automatically factored into the sampling process
  • Samples can now be reserved or quarantined for up to 24 hours, preventing communication from simultaneous launches
  • Project Selection page introduces folders for better organization
  • iCardMall integration now available in the Redemption Type Manager.


  • New contribution rewards module with customizable award levels
  • Community pages can now be copied within a Panel, saving users time for duplicating pages with similar layouts
  • Facebook login support for Kinesis Community, allowing respondents to use their Facebook account to expedite panel registration
  • Panelist identifier can now be piped directly into Community components using %IDENTIFIER%.
  • Support for Google Analytics within Community
  • Improved discussion option to show replies and comments only after user has participated
  • Panelists can now include media in replies and comments in the discussion forum

UserVoice Improvements

  • Campaign statistics are now available on the project home page
  • Campaign invitation templates now have configurable sender email address and name
  • Campaign invitations can now be copied to other projects
  • Landing pages can now be previewed via the interface
  • Project-specific opt-out links can now be used in addition to panel opt-out link
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