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Survey Invitations

This article is designed to provide an overview of to send out invitations from your survey installation. While this guide is not meant to be comprehensive, it does include links to individual articles providing more detailed explanations on how to use specific features. Be sure to review these articles as well when sending out invitations for the first time.

1:  Creating respondents

Before invitations can be mailed out, email addresses must be uploaded into the Respondent Manager. This is done via the creation of a CSV file. Email is the only field required, but you may also upload additional respondent information that can be piped into the invitation text:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Identifier
  • Wireless email
  • Wireless number
  • Carrier ID
  • Login name
  • Password
  • Group

Kinesis recommends the use of groups when creating respondents. Groups can be used during the scheduling and reminder process to help parse out invitations.

2:  Designing Invitations

Invitations are designed via the invitation creation tool. Available invitation types are:

  • Text invitation: a plain text email invite
  • HTML invitation: an HTML email invitation (most widely used and recommended by Kinesis)
  • SMS invitation: an email-to-SMS invitation type that can only be used if you have wireless number and carrier information for your respondents. Kinesis does not recommend the use of SMS invitations unless you have integrated with an SMS gateway. Please note that because this tool is email-to-SMS, US CAN-SPAM laws still apply.

Kinesis requires that all outgoing emails from our system be CAN-SPAM compliant. If your respondents are located in a country other than the US, it is vital that you familiarize yourself with that country's anti-spam legislation to ensure your email does not violate any laws. Brief information on international anti-SPAM laws can be found here.

3:  Scheduling Invitations and Reminders

Once sample has been loaded into the Respondent Manager and the invitation has been created, you are ready to schedule the invitation! Invitation scheduling is a five-step process:

  1. Select the invitation from the invitation designer
  2. Select the target recipient group (either Everyone, New, or Dropouts)
  3. Select the sub group (divided up by total number of emails sent and any group IDs you have assigned to respondents)
  4. Sign the agreement to adhere to good mailing practices and schedule the time you would like your invitation to go out. Please note that the invitation will not be sent out until it has been confirmed from within the Invitation Scheduler.
  5. You will now be in the Invitation Scheduler. From this page, you may send yourself a test email and confirm the invitation.

If needed, you can edit the invitation and the scheduling options from the Invitation Scheduler using the action buttons on the right of the page.

4:  Viewing Invitation Results

Invitation results can be viewed by selecting the chart icon next to an available sent invitation either from the View Invitation Results or Invitation Scheduler menu options. Reporting includes stats on successfully delivered emails, bounced emails, deferred emails, and unsubscribes, as well as reporting on respondent statuses (completed, profile terminated, quota terminated, etc.).

Please note that in Kinesis Survey, the respondent is only excluded from future mailings sent from the same survey where the bounce initially occurred. Therefore, the bounce status is project-specific and does not affect invitations sent from any other survey. If using the same respondent list for another survey, you will want to download the bounced and unsubscribes from the Respondent Manager and scrub your list.

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