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Panel Setup: Part II

This article is designed to highlight setup and customization of several key features before your panel launches. While this training guide is not meant to be comprehensive, it does include links to individual articles providing more detailed explanations on how to use specific features. Be sure to review these articles as well when setting up your panel.

1:  Recruitment source tracking

Kinesis Panel will track your recruitment sources. If you have multiple recruitment sources to keep track of, you will want to set up each source with its own unique ID in the panel. You can set up as many recruitment sources as needed. Panel keeps track of how many panelists each source brings in by the source ID on the registration survey URL. This ID must match the ID set up in the Recruitment manager and must be appended to the registration URL with the ks_src parameter (Ex:

2:  Incentives

Kinesis Rewards is a point-based system allowing panelists to earn points automatically by joining the panel, participating in surveys, and successfully referring friends to join the panel. Panelists can redeem their points via the community website for various incentives. Points are awarded in whole number amounts only (decimals are not allowed), so be mindful of this when creating your incentive plan.

Panel admins can modify the number of points given for the following activities:

2.1:  How do panelists redeem points?

Panelists redeem incentives by logging into the community website, navigating to the rewards page, and selecting an incentive to redeem. Redemptions may be automatically or manually approved depending on how the redemption was created. Please note that manual redemptions will need to be approved in the Rewards Redemption tool. Approving the reward will permanently subtract the incentive's cost in points from the panelist's total available points and, if applicable, will enable the reward to be emailed to the panelist.

2.2:  How do I add incentives?

All incentives must be added via the Redemption Manager. Kinesis currently has four types of incentives:

  1. Kinesis
    The Kinesis incentive type is not tied to an automatic emailed gift card or coupon code. It is typically used with in-house incentive programs, such as mailing physical gift cards or prizes to respondents. The Kinesis incentive type allows you to set up what the incentive is so that it can be redeemed by panelists. You will then need to monitor the redemption requests to ensure that panelists receive their reward in a timely manner.
  2. Tango Card
    Kinesis has integrated with Tango Card to allow users to automate the incentive process. Tango Card offers electronic gift cards from multiple vendors in multiple dollar amounts. Panelists can select which gift card they want and are immediately sent an email with the gift card code. Redemptions can be monitored via the Rewards Redemption tool. Please contact your account manager for activation and additional information.
  3. Coupon
    The coupon vendor allows you to upload a csv file of coupon codes or gift card codes that will be mailed out to panelists automatically upon request. Panelists will request the code via the Community Rewards page and will immediately be sent the code via email. Monitoring tools are in place to notify you when the number of coupon codes becomes low.
  4. PayPal Allows panelists to exchange points for cash sent to their PayPal account. Panelists must be using the same email in panel as they are for their PayPal account. Please contact your account manager for activation and additional information.

2.3:  Managing Incentives

Once incentives have been created in the Redemption Manager, you will need to make the redemptions available to your Community. To enable incentives:

  1. Navigate to the Community Settings page
  2. Select the Redemptions tab
  3. Select the rewards you would like to make available on the community

If you have multiple communities, you can set up separate sets of incentives for each. Just be sure to enable them!

2.3.1:  Monitoring manual and automatic incentive transactions

Once your incentives are enabled, panelists can begin redeeming points via the Rewards page. All redemptions can be monitored via the Rewards Redemption tool. CSV exports of past redemptions are available for automatically processed transactions. If you are using automatically processed coupon codes, the CSV export will include the coupon code as well, which is very helpful when providing panelist support.

2.3.2:  Batch updating points

Sometimes it is necessary to batch update points, either because points were not granted for a particular project or because points need to be subtracted from multiple panelists for special rewards (such as prize drawings). The Batch Update Rewards tool should be used in such cases as it allows for adding/subtracting points from multiple panelists at the same time. It is recommended that a data file be exported of points before you batch update. In the case of an error with your file when updating panelist points, your data file will be very helpful in correcting the problem.

3:  Reporting

Reporting tools are available with each panel license. Basic reports are available with a standard license; advanced reporting can be added on as needed for an additional charge. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

3.1:  Dashboard and other basic reports

3.2:  Advanced Reporting Tools

3.2.1:  Recruitment Source Reporting

3.2.2:  Financial Reporting

3.2.3:  Activity Reporting

Not yet released

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