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Panel Management

Panel Management

This section outlines the basic functionality of the panel tools available within KinesisPanel. Here, we’ll learn everything we need to know to create a panel, manage datapoints and panelists, build a registration survey, and run reports on our panel.

The exercise at the end of this section allows you to test your knowledge of the content related to Panel Management. If you have any questions about the content or would like a dedicated training session, please reach out to your account team to coordinate.

Creating a Panel

To get things started, we’ll need to create our panel and set up its panel properties. Kinesis installations can have multiple panels, allowing users to create a unique experience for each of their sample sources. This lesson provides a general introduction to panel creation and customization.

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Datapoint & Panelist Manager

Now that we've created our panel, we’ll need to add datapoints and panelists. In this lesson, we'll learn how to add new datapoints, upload an external list of panelists, update our panelists' information, and query our panel by a variety of criteria.

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Creating a Registration Survey

So far, we've learned that we can add datapoints to our panel manually. With the Decipher/KinesisPanel integration, we can also populate datapoints automatically by creating a registration survey. In this lesson, we'll learn how to create and launch a registration survey in Decipher.

If you’re new to Decipher surveys, please review our Quick Start Guide. More detailed information about Decipher survey creation can be found in the Decipher Essentials Training series.

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Panel Functions

Next, we’ll learn some more about general panel management within the Panel Functions menu. In this lesson, we’ll cover uploading files, creating categories, managing incentive redemption, and tracking recruitment sources.

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Email Content Templates

The Email Content Manager contains a library of email body templates that can be used in email campaigns and newsletters. In this lesson, we'll learn how to setup our own email content templates so we can begin inviting panelists to our projects.

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Data and Statistics

KinesisPanel offers a variety of reporting options for monitoring panel metrics. While reporting can be run on individual Kinesis projects, this lesson will focus on reviewing panel-wide data.

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Panel Management Exercise

Let’s put the content we just learned into practice! Download the exercise instructions below to practice managing your own test panel.


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