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Project Mode

We’ve already learned a fair amount about Panel Mode in Kinesis, so now it’s time to shift our focus to Project Mode. In this section, we’ll learn about creating new projects, querying for sample, and launching a campaign in Project Mode.

Creating a Project

A Kinesis project allows users to launch a survey to a specific sample panel. In this lesson, we'll work through the process of creating a new project within our panel, and learn how to manage some of the basic properties of new projects.

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Adding KinesisPanel Datapoints to a Decipher Survey

With an integrated Decipher account, KinesisPanel datapoints can be inserted in a Decipher survey to automatically populate for panelists. In this lesson, we'll learn how to hide datapoints to be used exclusively for reporting purposes, as well as how to show them to panelists as questions within our survey. We'll also learn how datapoints shown within the survey are updated in KinesisPanel when panelists change their responses.

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Sample Management

Now that we have a project in our panel, we’ll need to ensure we invite the right sample. In this lesson, we'll learn how to manage the portion of our panel we wish to invite to our project.

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Setting up a Campaign

Finally, we’re ready to launch our campaign and send invitations out to our sample. This last lesson will cover the process for sending the correct combination of email content and design template to the desired portion of our sample.

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