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Community Overview

The Community Overview provides general information for the community, including unique visitors, logged in users, and active features.

1:  Unique Visitors

Unique visitors provides a chart to see how many unique visitors have visited the community over a fourteen day period. The Y-axis, or left bar, provides the number of visitors and the X-axis provides the date. Each bar represents the total amount of visitors for the listed date, but the bar is further broken up into colored strips. Each strip represents a type of device used to view the site, thus providing a way to see unique visitors based on the devices they use. Community managers should pay attention to this graph to ensure they dedicate the appropriate amount of resources to mobile vs. desktop environments. The table below provides a more detailed explanation of what the colors represent.

2:  Currently Logged In Users

The current logged in users section shows a pie chart representing all currently logged in users, or panelists. The pie chart is broken up by the device they are using to view the site, similarly to how the unique visitors breaks up each bar by device. See the chart below for a more detailed explanation of what the colors represent.

3:  Preview URL

Preview URL section provides a list of URLs to quickly view the community. Each row provides a link to a localized version of the community based on the current languages setup in the panel. The QR code column represents each link as a QR code. These QR codes can be scanned by a smart phone in order to more easily preview the community on a mobile device, without having to type in the URL.

4:  Features Available

Features available list all features, or modules, that are available for use within the community.

 Active feature - A module that is being used in the current community.

 Inactive module - A module that is not being used in the current community.

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