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Community Themes

1:  Themes 

The themes page provides a way to create, edit, switch and delete themes for your community. When a community is first created, a default theme is automatically created and set for the community. At this time, that theme can be edited, or replaced with another theme entirely. 

Each theme contains 4 cascading style sheets (CSS): desktop, smartphone, tablet, and feature phone. Feature phones rarely access the web in developed nations, so unless the panel's target location is in a developing nation it's safe to ignore this style sheet and focus on desktop/tablet/smartphone.

1.1:  Adding New Theme

To create a new theme, click the "New Theme" button at the top of the page. 


This will bring up a dialog of theme templates to choose from. Once adefault theme is selected, all of the themes files will be created and available for you to edit. 

1.2:  Default Themes Preview

The following themes are available by default:

Default black

Default blue

Default brown

Default green

Default grey

Default red

Rounded corners black

Rounded corners blue

Rounded corners brown

Rounded corners green

Rounded corners grey

Sections black

Sections brown

Sections green

Sections grey

Sections red

1.3:  Edit Existing Theme

Existing themes can be edited by selecting Themes from the menu on the left.

Current Themes Display

Edit a theme's Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). These allow you to edit colors, fonts and font sizing, and for advanced users, set custom classes.
Delete theme. In order to delete a theme, it must not be set as the current theme. Warning: this action cannot be undone!
 File manager
Opens the file manager. The file manager allows you to upload custom resources needed for your theme. (Images, style sheets, java script, etc.)
Set as the current theme.
Identifies the theme currently applied to the community.
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