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Community Banners

 Like a header, banners usually appears at the top of the page and is used to show various amount of content in a more stylized format. 


Image Carousel

The image carousel module provides a banner with multiple panels. Each panel can contain an image, HTML or both. The panels are displayed one at a time and can be scrolled through by the user or automatically animated. 

Each tab contains localized values for each language in use in the panel and community. Each panel must have an image uploaded for each language, this way the images can be localized for any text or logos that may appear in the images. 

Launches the up-loader so an image can be added or replaced. Only images (*.jpg, *.gif, *.png) are allowed at sizes of 900 x 300 pixels for full banner images or 450 x 300 pixels for half images.

Full Size
Once an image has been uploaded, the Full size button allows you to preview the full size image in a dialog box.


The uploaded image.


The HTML displayed in the banner. The HTML is only displayed with there is no image uploaded, or a half image (450 x 300 pixels). Full images take up the entire banner and do not leave room for any HTML.


Module name, for internal use only.
Module description, for internal use only.
Show controls
Show the next and previous controls.
Show pager
Show links to each panel so the user can quickly navigate to an individual pane.
Auto scroll
Panels will automatically rotate between each other without the user having to click next or previous.
Show auto controls
Show the start and stop buttons for the auto scrolling.
Pause duration
Amount of time to pause on a panel while it is auto scrolling.
Color to display the various controls.

Transition mode

  • Horizontal - Panels slide from right to left to display the next panel.
  • Vertical - Panels slide from bottom to top to display the next panel.
  • Fade - Panels fade in and out to display the next panel.

Image position

  • Left- Image appears on the left side and the HTML on the right side.
  • Right - Image appears on the right side and the HTML on the left side.  
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