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Community Widgets

1:  Widgets 

A widget is used to show condensed information to supplement the main content within a widget column. 

Creating a widget from the Widget Menu

Widget area

To create a widget, select Widget from the menu on the left. Next, select the New Widget Module button. You will be able to select from a variety of widgets, each with a different function. Select the type of widget you would like to create. Using the WYSIWYG, edit the widget as needed and save.
Adding a widget to a page

Widget area

To add a widget to a page, you must use a page layout that includes a widget column (any page layout other than the single column layout). Click the widget area and select the widget of your choice to place in the area. You may only place one widget per widget area. If you do not already have a widget created, you may create one while adding the widget. You will then need to edit the widget.

1.1:  HTML Widget

The HTML widget can be used to display various types of information using custom HTML. HTML widgets are highly customizable and can be utilized for many purposes. Popular uses of the HTML widget include social media buttons, report downloading, and buttons that link to the registration survey. 


The title that appears above the HTML. The title is localized to a specific language.
Localized HTML content.
Widget name, for internal use only.
Widget description, for internal use only.
If set to use, this widget will only show up for authenticated users only.

1.2:  Login Widget

The login widget allows the panelist to enter their email and password via a small form. Once logged into the site, this widget will instead display a button allowing the panelist to log out. 

1.2.1:  Creating the Login Widget

To create a login widget, follow the instructions above for creating a widget. When you reach the widget selection page, be sure to select the Login Widget module.

1.2.2:  Editing the Login Widget

The Login Widget editor consists of two WYSIWYG interfaces: one to edit the Login (before the panelist has logged into the Community), and a second forLogout (what is visible after the panelist has logged in). Each widget mode must be designed separately.



IMPORTANT: Please note that %LOGINFORM% and %LOGOUTFORM% are required for the login widget to function properly. Removing this effectively removes the email/password fields and the log out button from the widget.

1.2.3:  Configuring the Widget

Login Widget Settings

The name of the widget.
The description of the widget. This is for internal purposes only and will not display to the panelist.
Conditional logic may be applied to the widget if needed.
Display Login Title
If set to yes, the login title will display above the login widget on the community site.
Display Logout Title
If set to yes, the logout title will display above the logout widget on the community site.

1.3:  Quick Polls widget

The Quick Polls widget allows for posting simple polls in a widget column. As with other widgets, the quick poll widget can be edited via an HTML WYSIWYG.

1.3.1:  Settings

The name of the widget. This is used for internal purposes only.
The description of the widget (optional). This is used for internal purposes only.
Allows for quick poll questions to be displayed in random order
Display next link in results
The next link allows panelists to move onto the next quick poll available for response.
Allows for conditional logic to be placed on the widget
Edit quick polls
Allows for the addition/removal of quick poll questions

1.3.2:  Edit Quick Polls: Quick Poll creation

To create polls that will display in the quick polls widget, select the Edit Quick Polls button under Settings in the widget module. Next, click "Add" in the pop-up window.

Edit Quick Polls

Specify a start date. The quick poll question will not display until the date specified.
Specify an end date. The quick poll question will display until the date specified.
Specify the question type (radio or checkbox)
Integrate your quick poll question to an existing datapoint. Responses will be saved to the panelist's data. Note that you cannot integrate to a datapoint until option choices have been added to your question.
You may place conditional logic on your quick poll question. Doing so will only affect that question; all other quick polls will be unaffected.
Question text
Question text may be copied and pasted into the Question Text field.
Options may be added. Once an option has been added, option text may be copied and pasted into the text field.
Use cancel to discard your quick poll question set up
Saves your quick poll question set up.

1.3.3:  Quick Poll Data: How to get it

Quick Poll data is available as an excel export. The file includes the question text, option choices, panelist ID, the data of the response, and the panelist's response. 

To download your Quick Poll data, click on Data Exports at the bottom of the menu on the left. Next, select the Quick Polls tab. A pulldown will be available; select the quick poll for which you want to download data. 

The question text and options will appear on the screen. The excel export is available by clicking the export button at the bottom of the display.

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