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Community Menu Builder

 Menu Builder 
The menu builder allows you to create a menu to navigate the various pages that exist in the community. 

Each tab represents a language that is currently in use in the panel and community. The tabs provide a way to edit the menu for different languages, providing a localized version for each language. The final tab, Preview, provides a preview for the menu as you make changes. 

How to: 

  • Edit

Each solid bordered box is a current menu item. To change the text value, simply double click within the box and the text will be editable.

  • Add

To add a menu item, simple click on a box with a dotted line. This will display an empty text box. Type the text value you want for the new menu item and then hit enter.

  • Move

Each menu item can be rearranged by clicking and dragging the box to the desired position within the menu.

  • Delete

Hovering over the menu item will display the delete icon (). Clicking on the delete icon will ask you to confirm the deletion.

  • Edit settings

Hovering over the menu item will display the edit icon (). Clicking on the edit icon will display the menu item's settings. 


Menu item settings

The page the menu item links to.
Any possible conditions that may need to be met for the user to see the menu item.
If yes, the user must be authenticated to see the menu item in the menu.
Menu icon
The optional icon that will appear in the menu item. To upload a file, click on the box to launch the up-loader.
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