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Community Activity Awards

This Community feature is only available in Panel 4.2+. Activity award points can only be used to reward Community Activity rankings and cannot be used with Panel Rewards Redemptions.

This feature is used to assign points to certain panelist events in the community for use with custom activity rankings. Activity rankings can also be created and customized on this screen. Though the Community Activity Awards use a points system, these points are NOT associated with the points used to redeem rewards in the Panel Redemption Manager. They are only for use with the Community Activity rankings described below.

1:  Enable Community Activity Awards

When enabled, panelists will be assigned a ranking based on the number of Activity Points they've accrued for Community Activity. Activity points are only awarded when this option is enabled. However, if Activity Awards are disabled, previously awarded points are not removed or deleted, and will once again assign a rank if the feature is enabled at a later date.

2:  Creating and Customizing Point Rankings

Activity Ranks allow you to create tiers for your panelists, dictated by their level of activity in their assigned Community. Each ranking has a title and image associated with it, and requires a minimum number of activity points. Only positive point totals can be assigned to ranks, and it is recommended that your lowest rank have a 0 value.

You can edit existing activity point ranking by selecting the Edit icon to the left of the rank. To remove a rank, click the Delete icon to the right.

3:  Adding a New Rank

Select the "Add New Rank" button to create an entirely new activity point ranking. You will then be able to assign minimum points, an image, and a name for that rank. The rankings will automatically sort from minimum to maximum required points and do not need to be created in any specific order.

Please note that the image type must be .jpg .gif or .png. These images are restricted to 128px by 128px. Larger images will not be accepted by the uploader.

4:  Point Assignments

Point assignments allow you to specify which Community Activities will grant Activity points to your panelists. The specific activities we currently allow you to assign are:

  • Community Login
  • Quick Poll Completion
  • Submit Discussion Post
  • Reply to Discussion Post
  • Comment on a Discussion Reply

Each activity can only be assigned one point assignment. Assigning points for custom activities is not currently available.


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