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As part of the analysis process it is helpful to tag entries with themes to sort by later.

  1. Add a tag - Create a tag by writing it in the field at the top of a entry.
  2. All tags - Once created, your tag will appear to the left of the entry box.
  3. Show Me Filter - Use the "Tagged With..." filter to view responses by the tags you’ve created. All previously used tags will appear here and to the right each will have a number representing the times the tag was used.

Tag List - Before you begin, make sure to create a tag list of themes you know are of interest and share them with anyone else on your team who may be tagging. This ensures that tagging is unified and will prevent instances of people tagging the same theme with different words. For example "place" and "location" could mean the same thing but if you create two tags you won’t be able to view all of those entries together at the same time. 

Spell Check - watch your spelling! Make sure tags have the same spelling or the system will think they are different. 

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