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Navigating the App with the Menu

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 5.22.54 PM.png

By the selecting the menu icon (three horizontal bars in the top left hand corner), or sliding from the left to the right side of the screen, participants can access the app menu.

  1. Activity menu: Should a participant have access to multiple projects, clicking on the ellipses at the top of the menu will allow them to navigate between different projects.

  2. Activities: The Activities list is the hub of the app where participants see and complete your activities. It’s where they will come when they log into the app.

  3. Feed: Allows participants to see responses. For projects with activities that include social interaction (influenced and uninfluenced activities) this is also where participants can view, like, and comment on other participant's responses.

  4. Messages: Where participants can view, respond to, and/or send messages.

  5. Logout: We think that one is pretty self explanatory, but this button allows the user to fully sign out of the app.

  6. Help: Allows participants to contact technical support.

  7. Settings: Profile area where participants can change their password, profile photo, email preferences, or timezone.

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