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Viewing Messages and Comments


When a researcher sends a message to a participant, the participant is notified in one of two ways:

Image 1 Nofications.png

1. Push notification: A push notification appears on their phone (as long as the phone is set to accept push notifications).

2. Email: If project notifications are on, they will receive an email alerting them that they have a message waiting for them.

Viewing Researcher Messages

On the mobile application, the participant can view the message in one of two ways; clicking on their push notification or navigating directly to their messages page.

Image 2 Notifications.png

1. Clicking the push notification will take the participant directly to the message section if they are logged in. If they are not logged in, the participant will be prompted to sign into the application.

2. Participants can also navigate to the "messages" area through the menu. This will open their messages inbox (4).

3. Participants can reach out directly to their moderator by clicking the "+" icon in the upper right corner of the messages screen.

4. Any received messages will be present in their “inbox”.

5. To see all of their sent messages, participants can click on the “outbox” section.

6. To open an inbox message, the participant can click the message and they will be prompted to reply in the text box and send.

Viewing Researcher Comments

Similar notifications are sent when researchers post comments.

notifications 4.png

1. A push notifications appears on the participant's mobile device.

2. By clicking on the notification, the participant will navigate to their post. They can also navigate to the Feed through their menu to view their submission.

3. The comment will be visible at the bottom of the activity.

4. The participant can open the comment section up by clicking the “View comments” section on the bottom.

5. Once the comments are open, a response box will appear at the bottom allowing the participant to post their own comment.

6. Participants will also be notified via email, as they are with messages.

Additional Considerations

If notifications are set to off, new messages and comments can be reflected in the numbered badge count in the app menu:

Badge Counts.png

The number corresponds to how many unseen messages or comments are reflected in each page. Comments can be viewed and responded to in the “Feed” page while messages can be viewed or replied to in the “Messages” page.

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