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Logging In


Participants can navigate to the login page in one of two ways, by either clicking the link in the welcome email or by typing "" into their browser.

1. Email:  Participants enter the Email with which they were registered.

2. Password:  The initial password is the temporary password that is set for the project and is sent to participants in their invite email.

3. Forget Password:  If a participant has forgotten their password they can click "Forgot your password?" to get a new one. If they are having issues with logging in they can contact technical support by clicking "Get help."



If a participant enters an incorrect password or email they will see the following notifications.

1. Reset Password:  A message notifies them of the error and provides a link to reset their password.

2. Captcha:  After 10 failed attempts, a captcha will appear. To proceed, they will need to input the correct email and password as well as the numbers and letters presented in the captcha. Captchas are used widely across the internet as a security measure to prevent computers from hacking into websites.

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