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To-Dos List

To-Dos Area

The To-Dos Area is where participants find out what they need to do and when they need to do it.


1. To-Dos List: Where the activities you launch are listed. They are listed in order of launch date and time.

2. Notification Area: Greets participants and alerts them to any comments or questions a researcher has made on their entries

3. Other People's Responses: Shows the last four entries made into social (influence or uninfluenced) activities by other participants. This feed does not appear if there are no social activity responses yet or if there are no social activities in the project. For influenced activities, entries will appear here as soon as they are submitted. For uninfluenced activities, entries will only appear here after any participant has completed an entry.

4. My Recently Completed: Shows the last four entries the participant has made into the project.

To-Dos List

The To-Dos list is where the activities you launch are presented to participants.


1. Numbers: The colored numbers that appear to participants indicate how many items they have on that portion of the to-do list.

2. Overdue: A red bar and “overdue” indicates an activity is overdue

3. Draft: Activity with a submission that has been started but has not yet been submitted

4. Activity icon: Indicates the type of activity:

  • Single page icon: indicates the activity requires one entry
  • Multi page icon: indicates the activity is “ongoing” and require more than one entry
  • Conversation icon: indicates the activity is a group discussion

5. Locked chain: This indicates that the activity is scheduled within a chain and is locked in a forced order. When participants click on the lock a message appears letting them know which activity needs to be completed first.

6. Ongoing Activities: When a entry has been made to an ongoing/recurring activity, it moves to this section.

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