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Revelation Support

All the topics, resources needed for Revelation.


FocusVision Knowledge Base

Managing Participants



Once you have participants, here is how you manage them.

1. Scheduled Invites:  Allows you to view scheduled invites.

2. Participants:  Customize profile fields and create a participant report. 

3. Tools: To enable the tools at the top of the participant grid you must first select at least one participant's checkbox.

4. Disabling and Deleting:  Disabling prevents a participant from participating further, but keeps their data in the project. Deleting prevents a participant from participating further and completely removes their data from the project. Once deleted, all traces of the participant are removed from the project.

5. Inviting:  Invite participant immediately or schedule an invite to be sent later. 

6. Status:  Indicates if the participant has been invited and/or has registered. Hovering over the icon reveals the time and date associated with the status.

7. Visits:  Shows the number of visits a participant has made to the project. Hovering over the number with your mouse shows the day and time of the participant's last visit.

Editing Participant Profile Data


1. View Data:  To view participant data, click on the participant's row (not their checkbox) to reveal the participant profile panel on the right side of the screen. 

2. Edit Data:  Click the check mark in the top right hand corner to edit participant data including screen name, name, email, password, timezone, and any custom profile fields you have created. Once you are done click the check mark again to save your changes.