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Text Analysis with the "Word Tree"


  1. Word Tree View - A text based analysis tool that allows you to search for and identify themes around the language people are using. The tool will analyze the words contained in the entries you are currently filtering by.
  2. Word Selection - There are two ways to select a starting word to explore in the Word Tree. First is the Word Cloud which shows you the words that appear the most amongst the responses you are currently exploring. If you click on a word it will appear as the root word in the Tree. Second is the search field which allows you to enter in a word of your choosing to use as the root word in the Tree.
  3. Word Tree - This is where the magic happens. The "Word Tree" display shows you how language is being used in context. To explore a branch click on the word at the base of that branch. If you’d like to go back just click on the root word again.
  4. Response Tiles - The response tiles displayed reflect the words you are exploring in the tree. If you click into a response you will see the applicable text highlighted for easy location.
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