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Creating and Managing Projects

The Projects area can be accessed from the Project drop-down menu at the top left of the screen. In the drop-down list, click the "Project Dashboard" link:


In the Project Dashboard, you can view and access your projects:


1. Filters: Filter projects by their status:

  • Running: Projects that are currently live and participants have access to submitting data
  • Pending: Projects that are created, but not yet live.
  • Completed: Projects where the segment date is in the past and the study is no longer live.

2. Project Tiles: The project tile gives you project info at a glance, such as Title, Number of Participants and Researchers, and the Participant Days.

3. Project Sections: If you hover over the tile, the different sections of the project will appear at the bottom. Clicking a section will direct you to that area of the project.

4. New Project: Users who are annual Revelation subscribers can create a new project by clicking the "+ New Project" button at the top right.

Note: Users who are not yet annual Revelation subscribers must contact Revelation to have a new project created or to learn how to become a subscriber. Contact us at

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