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FocusVision Knowledge Base

Creating a Multi-Language Project

1. Visit the project Settings page and locate the Segments section. Click on Click here to add a new segment… and fill in the fields accordingly. Select the language you would like this segment to be displayed in.

2. Visit the Activities page. You will now see multiple segments in the scheduler.

3. You may create a single activity that supports multiple languages. To do this, first write the instructions and create the activity in English, this will be your template. Next, save the activity. Now, choose the language you wish to make changes to by clicking on the drop down menu next to the words, Show me this activity in:

Note: You can also input translated version of the activity name per language by clicking on "Edit/Translate Name" by the Name of the activity.

4. Once you have created an activity that will support multiple languages, it will look like this in your scheduler list (Notice the multiple languages):

5. You may now post the activity to the scheduler. You will notice that the activity will automatically adjust to the proper language once posted to a segment.