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Revelation and the Innovation Process

Ultimately, Revelation is very flexible allowing it to be used to research pretty much anything. While this is great, it's also kind of confusing when people are trying to figure out exactly how to best fit it into their process. This guide will walk you through how Revelation can be used across the innovation process.


The Explore phase is characterized by being very open in it’s exploration 

  • Discover current consumer thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around a given product category
  • Uncover unmet needs and the product benefits that could address them

Companies often use Revelation in this phase when they have done a quantitative study and want to find the "why" behind the numbers such as:

  • Thoughts and feelings behind product usage behaviors
  • Giving life to segmentations
  • In-the-moment diaries and journals to provide contextual understanding


In the Create phase companies want to come up with concrete product/service directions. So the end point of the project will be around what they should specifically go out and make.

  • Identify and evaluate product features
  • Co-create concepts and prototypes
  • Optimize existing concepts and prototypes
  • In-home testing of prototypes

When it comes to Revelation, companies often use us to understand what people want out of a specific product or service

  • How they would improve a current product they use
  • Co-creation activities to share their ideas
  • Hands on feedback on prototypes
  • Gauging responsiveness to positioning statements
  • IHUT (in home usage tests)


The Launch phase is all about testing final ideas either right before they are implemented or right after they are launched

  • Validate and fine-tune final prototypes before launch
  • Get out-of-the-box feedback on new products

For Revelation, these projects are typically around:

  • Ad, concept, and product positioning testing
  • OOBE (out of box experiences with new products)
  • IHUT (in home usage tests)
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