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Discussion: Setup

Adding Stimuli

1. Title

Give the activity a short but engaging title. This title will be visible to participants and can be up to 40 characters long.

2. Instructions

The main instructional text instructing participants what to do. There is no text limit.

3. Image

Upload an optional supporting image. Participants will see a scaled version of this image, but will be able to click on it to view the full size in a new window.

4. Video

Upload an optional supporting video. To upload a video you must first save your activity in order to enable the upload button.

5. Translations

Click the language drop down to see the list of available languages configured via segments. Select the language you would like to add translated stimuli. Add your translated text/images/videos into the respective locations and save.

Translated stimuli will be displayed to participants based on their segments language setting.

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1. Sharing

Determines whether responses should be visible to the participant only after they respond (uninfluenced) or visible always (influenced).

2. Overdue Notice

The period after launch when an activity appears overdue in a participants To-Do list and within the discussion activity itself.

3. Minimum Suggested Responses

Sets a minimum suggested number of responses and helps participants know how many responses they should be providing to the discussion. The participant will see a progress bar with how many responses they have submitted.


Schedule Discussion activities the same as any other Revelation activity using the activity scheduler. However, Discussion activities cannot be scheduled across segments. They must be posted individually to each segment. Which is also to say that only participants in the same segments can take part in the same discussion. One activity, once configured can be scheduled to multiple segments individually and this will in effect create separate discussions wherein only members of the same segments discuss with one another.

As with other activities, discussion activities will automatically display the translated stimuli as configured in the Discussion setup in accordance with the segment's language setting.

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When is a Discussion Activity Marked Overdue?

If the participant has yet to post any thing to the discussion and the ‘overdue notice’ period has elapsed, the activity will show as overdue in the participant’s To Do list. Once they have posted a response, the To Do will move to the ‘Ongoing’ section and will no longer appear as overdue.

When Does the Discussion Activity End?

Once launched, Discussion activity will run until the end of the project. That is to say, participants can continue to add additional posts and comments to the Discussion until the project ends.

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