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Discussion: Analysis and Reporting

Now that all the data is collected, it is time to dig in. Discussion provides several tools to help researchers navigate the generated content, filter, and surface patterns and themes. Additionally, you can star posts/comments to share with the team and come back to later.

Generate reports at any point from the filtered data set to share or analyze further.


Filters when activited, display all matching top-level posts as well as comments within a thread that match the selected filter.  All filters can be combined.

1. Keyword/Word Cloud

The keyword and word cloud function in tandem. The word cloud displays the most commonly used words and sizes them according to frequency and is dependent on the filtered set of responses. Type into the search box or click on a word in the word cloud to highlight each occurrence of that word in the discussion thread. 

2. People

Select one or multiple participants to filter down the thread to only posts and comments authored by those participants. In addition, the filter displays each participants "contribution" count next to their name. Contribution is counted as posts + comments in any one discussion.

3. Gender

Filter posts based on gender as identified in participant's profile.

4. Location

Filter posts and comments based on participants location as identified in the participant's profile.

5. Other

Filter to show only researcher "Questions," posts and comments with images, or researcher starred responses.


Reports can be generated in two formats, HTML and XLS.

To create a report click the "Publish" drop down list at the top right of the screen. 

To access generated report, navigate to Findings > Reports. Locate the newly generated report in the "Published Reports" grid and click "Download."

1. HTML Report

The HTML report provides a nicely formatted "offline" version of the discussion that you can browse and share and includes all image and media files, great for archiving.

The html report will download as a zip file. Double click the zip file to expand. Once in the folder you will notice several files and folders including the "index.html."  Double click the index.html to open in the default web browser.

The HTML report can also easily be saved as a pdf using your browsers built-in pdf reader. This process varies depending by browser, but is generally found in in the print page dialog options. "Save to pdf" using following browsers:

Chrome: Check the left side of the pop up that appears after choosing print. Make sure that the destination option is set to PDF. To change the destination click the "Change..." option.

Firefox: There is a dropdown option in the lower left hand corner of the pop up that appears. Make sure that PDF is selected here. If not click the dropdown arrow and select PDF.

Safari: After clicking print a pop up box will appear. Down in the lower left corner of the pop up there will be a dropdown box. Make sure this says PDF if not click on it and select PDF.

2. XLS Report

The XLS report provides a tabbed Excel doc including a flat list of all participant responses as well as completion stats and general project information.

The excel report includes into three sheets.

The "Summary" tab shows the number of posts and comments by participant with totals and is a good resource to track participation and completion.

The "Response" tab displays the bulk of the discussion data including all participant responses. Comments and posts are listed in a flat format to make sorting, pivoting and comparing content possible. Comments each have a column titled "Comment on Post" with an id. To locate the Post the comment refers to, find the column with the matching "Post ID."

The "Participant" tab displays all participants who took part in the discussion as well as their profile information. This includes email, segment name, and any custom profile field that were created at the beginning of the project.

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