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Downloading Image Sets

  1. Image Sets - The "Findings : Image Sets" area is where you can view and download the image sets you exported from the media gallery.
  2. Report - The name of the image set
  3. Started At - Day and time image set was requested
  4. Ready At - Day and time image set was ready for download
  5. Last Download - Day and time report was last downloaded
  6. Status - An image set has 2 possible statuses. Pending: report is being built. Completed: Report ready for download.
  7. Manage - There are 3 options you can use to manage your reports:
    • Download - Download the report to your computer.
    • Refresh - If you create reports while a project is active it’s very likely new data is available. "Refresh" allows you to update the report to include any new data.
    • Delete - Destroys the report from the Findings > Reports page
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