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How do I create and assign chains?

Activity chains are used when you want to require participants to complete activities in a specific order:

  1. New Chain - Click here to create a new activity chain
  2. Name -  Name your chain. This will not be seen by participants
  3. Random Activity - Checking this box makes the activities inside of the chain rotate for each participant to eliminate order bias.
  4. Assign - Select the segments to which it will be applied.

Once created, you attribute scheduled activities to the chain using the activity editor.

  1. Access the editor by clicking on the activity once it's been placed on the calendar.
  2. Inside the editor, attribute the activity to the chain using the "Assign this activity to" drop down menu.
  3. Once you've assigned your activities to the chain you can click "agenda" to see schedule for your chain. For randomized chain it allows you to see the order in which each participant will see the activities.

Click here to learn more about creating and assigning chains.

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